Courtesy of Hilton Narita Airport Hotel
I chose the Hilton Narita because they were having a special promotion for their Facebook page fans to get rooms for 5,000 JPY (~$63). Since I had HHonors Gold status, it was a no-brainer to choose this hotel.

The promotion included other “bonuses” such as:
1.       50% off the food menu at any restaurant in the hotel.
2.       Free use of the gym, pool, sauna, and bathhouse.  (Free for HHonors Gold and Diamond members)
3.       Free welcome drink upon arrival per person
4.       2-hour late check-out for 1:00PM
5.       Free parking for 24 hours

Prior to my arrival, I noticed on my HHonors page that I was upgrade to a Deluxe King room from a Hilton King room thanks to my Gold status.

Upon arrival at the hotel, there was a small queue at the check-in line. Fortunately, I was able to beat a large group of flight attendants that arrived a few minutes after I did. During the check-in process, I was given a breakfast voucher due to my Gold status along with the other “bonuses” that were part of my rate.

The room itself was okay. Considering I paid $63 for a room, I had no reason to complain since the regular rates were going for $150+ that night.

Deluxe King Room
Deluxe King Room
Since it was my first time to Japan, I decided to tour Narita City. So, I called the Front Desk and asked them if they knew when the Naritasan Temple would close. The hotel employee told me that the temple would be open for another two hours and that I would be fine. Since the hotel provides a free shuttle to the Keisei Narita station which is in downtown Narita, I decided to take the bus instead of a taxi. Once we arrived at Keisei Narita station, I started to make my way to the temple using a map that was provided to me by the hotel. However, when I was getting closer to the temple, I realized that I was the only one on the street and all the stores were closed. So, I started to get a bad feeling that the temple was closed. Once I arrived at the temple’s entrance, I found out that the temple was closed and was lied to by the hotel staff. This made me a bit upset because I expect the hotel staff to give me the right information for stuff like this.

Since I was getting hungry, I decided to eat dinner at “Ramen Bayashi” which I passed by on the way to the temple. Most of the patrons to this restaurant are flight attendants and pilots. How do I know? Because there were a ton of airline stickers and signs on the walls, there were even guestbooks that the crew members would sign! I ordered a bowl of chicken miso ramen and a side of gyozas which were both delicious!

Chicken Miso Ramen
After dinner, I headed back to the hotel by walking to the Keisei Narita station where I was dropped off. The bus does multiple stops before arriving at the Hilton Narita so it took a while to get back. Once I got back to my room, I called it an early night since I woke up extremely early that morning and had to wake up early again.

The next morning, I got all my stuff packed and went down to the breakfast buffet. I gave the breakfast voucher to the host and she seated me in an area that was reserved for HHonors Golds and Diamonds. I’m assuming they had a separate area for Golds and Diamonds since it made it easier for the servers to know who has to pay for their breakfast and who doesn’t. The breakfast spread was pretty good, but I prefer the spread they had at the VIE Bangkok Hotel. Also, there were a lot of Korean Air flight attendants at the breakfast buffet which was cool to see.

After breakfast, I checked-out of the room and took the shuttle bus back to the airport. One interesting about Narita Airport is that there is a security check before any vehicle can get into the airport. So, everyone in the bus had to get their passports checked by a police officer who boarded the bus. After the police officer checked everyone’s passports, we were on our way to Terminal 1 before going to Terminal 2 which is where I got off.



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